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 The history of smoked Atlantic Salmon travels back through many generations and even centuries, as do many of the recipes still in use today.

At Cold Spring Camp, Jackie Lyons thrives to maintain the heritage and tradition that is used during the salmon smoking process. All the ingredients used are natural, and come from an ancient Norwegian recipe, as does the process used to smoke the salmon. Jack  (seen to the right), takes pride in ensuring that every step of the process is completed with due care, thus providing some of the best smoked salmon you will ever taste.

         The smoking process takes approximately five days to complete. First the salmon must be cleaned and filleted, it is then placed overnight to marinate in Jack's secret recipe. This allows the salmon to absorb the fine brandy and other ingredients that give it such wonderful flavour. The salmon are then hung to dry for two days in a dark room where the marinating brine slowly drips from the salmon. Finally they are  ready for the smoker. The salmon are placed in the smoke house for two days to absorb the fresh tasting Canadian maplewood flavour. Once the salmon have received just the right amount of smoke, they are then packed and sent to be served with perhaps a fine wine but certainly to be accompanied by some great fishing stories.

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